Advantages of becoming member of IFCP

Indian Family of Cerebral Palsy is a Family working for the welfare of people with cerebral palsy. The goal of the Family is to bring these people in the mainstream of social life, lessen the responsibility of the other family members and develop dignity in their life. This has to be brought with the joint efforts by professionals, families, and people with cerebral palsy, scientists, philanthropists and social workers. Not only this, as an individual one may fight for the cause from the IFCP platform.

There is scarcity of professionals who can help people with cerebral palsy. Whereas, number of cases are enormous. There are roughly 25,00,000 (twenty five lakhs) such people in India and perhaps 150 are born every day. The incidence is rising with improvement in maternity and child health services. If we feel sense of responsibility for such people, we all can form various groups and march towards the achievement of goals i.e. welfare of people with cerebral palsy.In other words the biggest advantage of becomming member is to serve the children and adults having cerebral palsy through systematic joint efforts of an organization.

Like any other organization or association IFCP also has its constitution, wherein it gives right to each and every member to look after the Family by holding various portfolios and other wise also.

The members also have the advantage to get preference out of the developments that IFCP introduces in the field of cerebral palsy. The plans, like development of district cerebral palsy centers, will be entrusted preferably to the members and they will receive professional and other help from IFCP. Families will get preference in the treatment facilities launched in future.

Membership Fee

Life membership Fee – Rs.2000/- for people in India. The membership is open to all. If you wish to pay in installments, you may pay Rs.500/- every sixth month(i.e. maximum of four installments in one & half years): $ 100/- for people from abroad. Life members will get the newsletter free of cost (it will be mailed free of cost even to those who wish to pay the fee in installment). Certificate of IFCP Membership will be issued only after full payment. However, newsletter will be mailed immediately after first instalment.

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