Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy – IACP

IFCP proposed to develop a scientific body for care, research and teaching in the field of cerebral palsy.

Aims and Objective of IACP

1. To prevent CP
2. To create infrastructure for early diagnosis and early intervention.
3. To improve medical care for CP.
4. To incorporate teachings on CP during graduation and post graduation.
5. To conduct annual conference.
6. To encourage research.
7. To publish – The Indian Journal of CP.
8. To bring awareness among professionals.
9. To prepare and conduct short term courses, workshops, CMEs for various professionals.
10. To help IFCP achieve its goals.

Eligibility for membership shall:

1. Any medical or non – medical professional who can be scientifically helpful to people with cerebral palsy.
2. Age – no bar.
3. Good Conduct.
4. Professionals interested in forming IACP may write to IFCP