Your generosity (Donations)

Your generosity will surely give new life to children and adults with cerebral palsy. Lets join hands to assist people with cerebral palsy by contributing in any of th efollowing means:

Sponsoring surgery and other treatments for children with cerebral palsy who cannot afford the cost of the management. Your sponsorship may provide them new life to stand on their feet and use their hands.

Gifting membership or newsletter to poor families.

Donations to start CP centers in various district of India. You may donate land, building or money.

Initiation of an award for the best work done in the field of CP by an individual or an organization in a calendar year. You may deposit Rs. 1 lakh in a bank as fixed deposit. The interest will be used for the award during the annual function of IFCP. Award amy have the name of your choice.

Sponsoring a guest lecture on CP. The lecture will be held every year. You may held it in the memory of a person of your choice. You may deposit Rs. 1 lakh in a bank as fixed deposit.

Sponsoring research and awareness activities.

Giving time and skill for the services designed to improve the life of people having cerebral palsy.

Donating paper, mailing charges or printing cost of continued publication of IFCP Newsletter.