Mega CP Directory

There is a lack of awareness about cerebral palsy at all levels i.e., parents, community and professionals. Therefore, parents have to go with their child from pillar to post in search of professional who can “treat” and “cure” him . In this process, parents are “exploited” and drained off their precious little savings, time and energy in the name of treatment. Even if some medical practitioners and social workers want to guide them, they are unable to do so due to lack of information on the availability of habilitation centers and professionals. It is in this context that the need for a directory of this sort has become imperative.

Mutual sharing of problems and experiences by parents is of great emotional support to them. The directorycan help the parents to contact each other, provided mutual guidance and support and form self help groups.

This directory can help the professionals and institutions to contact their colleagues for reciprocal exchange of information, experience, knowledge and skills and to come together by forming an association.

This can be a useful referrel document for other professionals, especially medical practitioners and NGO’s to refer children with cerebral palsy to appropriate professionals and habilitation centers.

This can also be a valuable document for scientific, researchers and Government who plan to launch studies and welfare in this area.