Ideal Habilitation Ashram for Cerebral Palsy

IFCP has stepped into development an ideal state of art non-governmental charitable habilitation center for children and adults with cerebral palsy. It would provide multidisciplinary services under one roof like schooling, medical facilities, vocational training, recreation, residential facilities, etc.


Place and Land: The Family would construct this center at a safe site away from various hazards of a city. This would provide them clean healthy air, calm and quiet atmosphere and green surroundings amongst natural beauty. The transport connections to the center would be made easier.

Facilities: The center will provide various modes of management. This will include different treatment modalities e.g. allopathic, ayurved, homeopathy, acupuncture and pressure, unani methods, other alternative (traditional) methods, etc. various methods of exercise therapies, and yoga will also be practiced. There will be modern methods of schooling utilizing electronic equipment. The children will be provided with highest qualities of vocational training to fit them into the jobs of their best abilities. The center will make sure that the community invites them for the jobs.

Research and Training: It will concentrate on high standard of research. The parents and professionals will be given training. In fact India needs lakhs of trained personnel.

Collaboration: The center will have collaboration with other international and national centers.