IFCP is publishing quarterly newsletter since 1994. The aim is to bring awareness about CP, disseminate the latest knowledge in the field of rehabilitation, bring the professionals and parents to a common platform so as to share their knowledge and views, solve the problems and voice out the grievances. Note that 500 pages of useful literature covering all areas have been published in this newsletter till now.

1. Diagnosis of cerebral palsy.
2. Selective neurotomy for spastic upper limbs.
3. Lumbosacral selective functional posterior rhizotomy for spastic lower limbs.
4. Limb dystonia.
5. Development of neruosurgical management of spasticity.
6. District cerebral palsy home.
7. Spinal cord stimulation in CP.
8. Management of CP in India – an overview of overlook.
9. Watch your language.
10. Botulinum toxin and its uses.
11. CP management – why are we hopeless, dejected and disappointed.
12. A new technique of neurotomy – selective motor fasciculotomy.
13. Ideal habilitation center for CP.
14. Confusion in the management of a person with spasticity.
15. Damage to developing brain – you may have to fight two battles.
16. Selective motor fasciculotomy benefits whom and to what extent.
17. Various therapies are complimentary.
18. High-tech to optimize spastic tone.
19. Let’s join hands for the welfare of children and adults with cerebral palsy.
20. Important rule – therapeutic exercise.
21. CP management, more myths less facts.
22. Development of language in children and tips to improve.
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